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Debra is proud to be a stay at home mom and loving wife, living in Titusville, a small town in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  In her spare time, Debra is a professional watercolor artist, who has exhibited in many juried art shows, winning numerous awards for her work.

Active in martial arts, Debra and her husband Glenn own and operate Harrison's Jade Dragon Center, School of Goshin Jutsu Karate, where they both instruct local children and adults in the art of self defense.
Creatures In My Room is an excellent book. What makes it so extraordinary is the creative story of both Debra Harrison as a writer and an illustrator. The rhythmic text moves you along to tell the story of a young child who's afraid of what lurks in her room when the lights are out. The story is particularly appealing because it provides some great lessons for children who are fearful of not only their imaginations but confronting their parents honestly about their fears. Harrison's colorful and detailed illustrations steal the show for what is truly a literary winner.
Stephanie Rectenwald
Elementary Art Teacher

Creatures In My Room  
by Debra L. Harrison  $19.95
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Silver Medalist