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The Gift   by Bob J. Bernreuter  $15.95
Bob lives in Key West, Florida, with his wife Iris.  Both are 1968 graduates of Florida State University.  Active in his local church, Bob has taught religious education for the last two decades to the children of St. Mary Star of the Sea Parish in Key West.  He has written stories for his children, grandchildren, and students, some have been published in the local papers and others freely distributed.  The Gift is his first commercially published book.
The story is in the genre of an Oscar Wild short story, a child's theme with advanced word skills. There is a very suspenseful and surprise ending which readers of all ages will enjoy.  It can be read to and readily understood by primary grade levels . The excitement of the story will hold their attention and therefore ensure a learning experience.  Young teens will definitely breeze through it and The Gift will become one of their favorite tales of all time.  Adults will not only be moved by the story but may come away a little humbled and much wiser.

The book has a spiritual tone, and if you are a God loving person, you will appreciate this uncompromising witness to God's love and His ability to use us for His good works.  This is one you will want your kids, or grandkids to read. Click on the book for a peek inside.
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Book Award
Bronze Medal Winner