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Simply Eat  
by Deborah B. Schultz, MS, RD, LDN  $9.95
A Registered Dietician and Licensed Dietician-Nutritioinist who enjoys the simplicity of country living with her family near Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania.  As a Wellness Worksite Consultant she provides both insight and experience in her presentations to help employers promote and implement wellness programs for their employees in Western Pennsylvania.  Deborah believes that one should not counsel based solely on a symptom, but rather it is essential for true health to counsel based on the whole person.
It's time to give yourself a break.  Lighten up your worries on dieting, self image, and food choices, by taking a "less info is more" approach. The truth is this book was written to help you laugh your way into a new perspective of why you eat the way you do.  Each page is designed for you to give pause and reflect on how its message relates to your lifestyle and well being.  Click on the book for a peak inside.